What is a Digitalize Retail Store?

A digitalized retail store is a retail establishment that leverage digital technology and data driven solutions to enhance the shopping experience, streamline operations and improve overall effiency. These stores incorporate various digital tools and strategies to cater to the evolving preference and expectation of modern consumer. 

Problem That Faced by Retailer Before Digitalisation


Solutions to Overcome The Problem Faced by Retailer 


What AutoCount POS System Can Help The Retailer 

  • The POS system is design to automate the sales and checkout process
  • POS system provide an interface for user to manage their inventory
  • POS system have a built in accounting function that can let retailer to do accounting stuff in the back-end of POS system. 
  • POS system also let retailer to automatically generate and print report and anlyzing data
  • POS system let retailer tomprint barcode for all of the product that the retailer wants to sell. 
  • Thr POS system provide a month method payment function to let customer pay with whatever method they can access. 

Machine That Needed for POS System


What AutoCount Cloud Payroll System That Can Help Retailer

  • Payroll system provide a flexible roster schedule to let HR to set all the staff timing freely and fullfill working hour accordingly. 
  • Payroll system also provide 3 different type of clock in method which is geolocation, WIFI and Bluetooth. 
  • Payroll system will record the staff working hours, include OT time and generate a attendence report. 
  • Payroll system using face recognition to ensure the person who clock in is the same person that come to work. 
  • Staff can use the Payroll system to request for leave and MC. 
  • Payroll system not only can work in computer and laptop, it also can work in smart phones so that staff can access the system at anywhere they want. 

Machine That Needed For AutoCount Cloud Payroll System

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