About EMAS Accounting System

  • Assists organizations in actively managing environmental information and data in their business activities.

  • Integrates environmental information into financial and management decisions.

  • Multiple User ID with individual menu format.
  • Zoom function and batch can assign authorize ID.
  • Delete or modify can setup password.

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  • Multi Level Security Control
  • Batch Control While Entering Transaction
  • No Period Control
  • Post Dated Cheque Control
  • Bill Type Control While Entering Transaction
  • Key-in Historical CN, DN, IN & GJ
  • Remove & Recall the Historical Transaction
  • Auto Backup And Auto List In The List Of Company Menu
  • Strong Security Measures To Prevent Unauthorized Changes To Transactions
  • Improve work efficiency with better security, role assignments, and transaction tracking.
  • One Screen for Entering Data
  • Payment Voucher & Official Receipt
  • Powerful Instant Knock off / Apply Invoice While Entering Transaction
  • Foreign Currency Control
  • Detail Audit Trail
  • Able to Control Departmental Account
  • Able to Control Bank Reconciliation
  • Free Account Coding Format
  • Multiple Formats For
  • Able to set individual user ID & Password
  • Able to control individual user’s menu & permission
  • All Reports can convert into MSDOC, Excel, BMP, TXT and PDF format.
  • All reports can email or fax directly.
  • Send customer statements via email
  • Enable user to define own coding format
  • Auto generate Profit & Loss Report by Project / Job
  • Directly Apply Invoice by Local amount or Foreign amount
  • Auto generate Foreign Currency Gain & Loss Report
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party programs, like ERP systems.
  • Batch Locking by User ID
  • Date Control
  • Automatically generate running number
  • Opening Amount, Budget, and Grouping while creating Account code
  • Enter, Edit, and Modify Transaction
  • All report can be select date to be printed

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Financial Statements

  • General Ledger
  • Debtor & Creditor Balance
  • Trial Balance, Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Note of Account
  • Commission

Sales and Purchases

  • List Standard-Rate Sales
  • List Exempt Sales
  • Out of Scope Sales
  • List Zero-Rate Sales
  • List Taxable Purchases
  • GST F5
  • Mark Unmark GST

Accounting Records

  • Chart of Account
  • Opening Balance
  • Payment Voucher & Official Receipt
  • Cash & Bank Book Detail
  • Fixed Asset
  • Check Transaction
  • Recurring Transaction

Debtors and Creditors

  • Debtor & Creditor Listing
  • Debtor & Creditor Statement
  • Knock-off Statement
  • List Unpaid Bill
  • Aging Report
  • List Unapplied Payment, Transaction

Project and Analysis

  • Project Reports
  • Sales & Purchase Analysis

Cheque and Banking

  • Print Cheque
  • List Post Dated Cheque Received & Issued
  • Overdue Letter

Foreign Currency

  • Foreign Currency Reports (General Ledger, Debtor & Creditor Statement, Currency Gain & Loss)




Payroll Employee Maintenance Screen

Flexible Payroll Software

Optimize your payroll management effortlessly with EMAS Payroll System, freeing up time for strategic HR decisions and business growth.

Powerful Features

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Employee Information Reports

  • Employee Personal Listing
  • Joined & Resigned Employee Report
  • Birthday Listing
  • Year of Service Listing
  • Leave Entitlement Taken
  • Probation, Confirmed, Resigned, Suspended
  • Not Active Listing

Workforce Analysis Reports

  • Work Force Analysis Report
  • Salary Analysis
  • Employee Overtime Detail Listing

Payroll and Salary Reports

  • Print & Modify Pay Slip
  • Monthly Summary
  • Yearly Pay & Advance Pay
  • Income Tax – CP 39, 8D, C22
  • Income Tax – EA Form
  • Individual PCB Deduction

Government-Related Reports

  • EPF Borang A
  • SOCSO Borang 8A, 2, 3
  • EPF & SOCSO List
  • DSB/ Tabung Haji/ Tax Lists

Voucher System Screen

Manage Payment & Receive Voucher

  • Payment Voucher & Receive Voucher System helps with paying and receiving money.
  • Management must approve payments to control cash flow.
  • The system is user-friendly and keeps the accounting records up-to-date.

Points To Highlight

Reports Generated

Summary and Lists

  • Total Receipt & Payment & Journal
  • Bill Check List
  • List Unapplied Payment for Both Debtors & Creditors

Audit Trail

  • Transaction Audit Trail

Invenory System Flowchat

Take Charge of your Inventory System

Maximize profitability and efficiency by choosing the right inventory software, like E.M.A.S. Inventory, which saves you time counting and checking stock, so you can focus on selling and making informed decisions.

Powerful Features

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Product Information and Inventory Listings

  • Item Code Listing – By Group, Item
  • Item Valuation Report
  • Stock Card
  • Group & Category Sales Listing
  • Top & Bottom Sales Listing
  • Purchase Order in Receipt Listing
  • Quotation Report

Order and Invoice Processing

  • Reorder Advice
  • Outstanding D/O Listing
  • Bill Check List
  • Received Audit Trail
  • Invoice
  • Delivery or Sales Order
  • Credit Note
  • Purchase Return or Order
  • Issue
  • Adjustment
  • Cash Sales
  • Debit Note

Inventory Locations and Quantities

  • Location Reports
  • Opening Quantity Listing
  • Inventory Physical Worksheet
  • Print Physical Inventory Reconciliation
  • Stock Transfer
  • Stock Aging

Business Analysis and Financial Reports

  • Audit Trail
  • Month to Date Item Status
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Transaction Summary
  • Sales Analysis
  • Manufacturing Report
  • Yearly Sales, Purchase & Issue Report

Point of Slaes Entry Screen

The Ideal Solution For Your Business

E.M.A.S. POS helps businesses manage multiple locations, automatically sharing data online, and provides tools to control daily retail activities, improving sales, promotions, and payment options.

Connecting Data Across Locations:

E.M.A.S. Point of Sale syncs branch data securely through the internet, giving owners peace of mind.

Integrated Systems:

E.M.A.S. Point of Sale works seamlessly with E.M.A.S. Accounting and Inventory Control.

Benefits of E.M.A.S. Point of Sale:

  • Gain a complete business overview.
  • Enjoy user-friendly simplicity.

powerful futures

Suitable for all types of retail outlets

Bank Book Maintenance Screen

Avoid Bank Account Problems !

Well-run businesses use the E.M.A.S. bank ledger system to manage their bank accounts, ensuring smooth cash flow and timely payments. E.M.A.S. Bank Book System is an easy to use software that can help businesses achieve these goals.

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Reports Generated

Fixed Assets Maintenance Screen

Emas Fixed Asset Management System

Fixed assets software makes it easy to manage valuable company assets, saving time and resources.

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Default reports

Emas.net Transaction Entry Screen

Emas.net Website Application

EMAS.net is a web-based extension that enhances business productivity and customer service by providing useful information and tools to employees and customers over the Internet.



Human Resources System Screen

The Perfect HR Software

E.M.A.S. Human Resource Management is perfect for today’s managers and HR professionals seeking an organized way to store, access, and protect employee data. This user-friendly, versatile software covers multiple HR areas, including employee pay, benefits, and assessments.

Powerful Features


Barcode Printing Screen

Capture Item Faster With Emas Barcode System

  • If you are keeping business information in Pocket PC.
  • If you are looking for ad hoc and mobile business information solution.
  • If you are looking for ad hoc and mobile business information solution.

EMAS Transaction Screen

Flexible Reporting Tool For E.M.A.S. Inventory and Payroll system

  • Create custom reports with sorting and filtering using Emas Report Writer.
  • Emas Report Writer works only with Emas Inventory, Invoicing, and Payroll systems.

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We have been using Accounting and Inventory proceeding from Presoft since year 2005. In these fifteen (15) years we are very satisfied with the good and responsibilities service from Presoft.

Manager, Y.C. KAM / Nam Fong Stainless Steel Eng. Sdn Bhd


Presoft not only provides accounting software, they also provide customisation on the reporting based on business needs. Besides, their service is very fast and also the staff are friendly and helpful.

Managing Director , Mr. tadao Itaki / Nihon Denkei (M) Sdn Bhd

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