Since its establishment in 1996, MDEC and Malaysia Digital have been driving digital transformation and adoption in Malaysia’s public and private sectors.

As the world evolves quickly, MDEC continues to focus on driving Malaysia’s digital economy forward by accelerating:

The rapidly changing landscape of today’s digital economy need a new strategy to remain relevant and ready to support Malaysia’s economic revival.

What is Malaysia Digital Status?

Malaysia Digital is the government’s new national strategic plan to stimulate and attract enterprises, talents, and investment, while also allowing Malaysian businesses and the Rakyat to play a leading role in the global digital revolution and digital economy.

This effort also serves to produce significant digital economic spillover by providing equitable access to digital tools, knowledge, and earning opportunities nationwide.

How It Works?

Malaysia Digital is the engine that propels the expansion of our ecosystem within the nine (9) promoted sectors while also driving digital adoption and possibilities in the digital economy through the Malaysia Digital Catalytic Programmes (PeMangkinMD) and other competitive offerings.

Malaysia Digital’s inclusive approach seeks to balance the growing demand for digital solutions with a consistent supply of products and services, while also strengthening enablers such as people, infrastructure, and legislation.

As digital technology advances, a strong digital economy ecosystem is defined by the dynamic interplay between Demand, Supply, and Enablers. Malaysia Digital’s inclusive approach aims to harmonise these components to ensure a thriving and sustainable digital economy ecosystem, starting with rising demand for digital solutions, a consistent supply of products and services, and support from enablers such as talent, infrastructure, and regulations.


A Malaysia Digital Coordinating Committee (MD-CC) was formed with Cabinet approval to coordinate Malaysia Digital’s governance and operations in a more efficient and effective manner. The MD-CC is overseen by the Ministry of Digital Malaysia, and the government emphasizes the necessity of involving industry participants, stakeholders, and the community in the implementation of various national programs.

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