Manufacturing industry convert the raw materials into new products, either through physical, chemical or mechanical. “Controlling cost, increase profitability” is a popular sentence to numerous of industry, including manufacturing industry.   However, how does the industry has the capabilities to obtain it while growing the business?  



Today, different sophisticated digital solution can be found everywhere. Aiming for tight control of business finance and provide high quality end-product is not an issue anymore.

Benefits of Implementing Digital Solution

Evolve from traditional business into digitalized business to make your ways easier to success and increase profit. 


Increase Satisfaction of End User 

  • Time saver as it reduces time to gather information  
  • Easy to learn and use 

Reduce Workload

  • Easier to search a content/description of a products or raw material 
  • Easier to analyses and get results of the sales report. 

High Accessibility 

  • Cloud-based – Provide online platform where the data can be accessed anywhere, anytime.  

Challenges Faced by Manufacturer

Customer Database Management 

Managing customers’ details in traditional ways is quite suffering, especially when searching for a particular record within thousands of records. Your time will be wasted for spending too much time on searching.

Luckily, the digital solution could help you to manage the records. Any prospective and existing customers record can be stored into a digital database. This makes easier for managing them. 


Sales Report 

Want to accurately calculate your sales profit and losses? Or analyses sales turnover and the behavior of customers and leads?

The digital solutions now provide the simplest and fastest way to gather all the information about sales. Say goodbye to miscalculation.  

Planning and Forecasting 

Overstock, shortages and unnecessary product purchases/services are frequent problems occur in business. As manufacturing industry are required to use many different type of resources to produce any end-product, here come the digital solution that able to solve these problems.

With the right digital solution, it provides you a tight control over the cost and reduce waste by monitoring and tracking the inventory status.  



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Multi-level Assembly

Allows editing and display the required materials to assemble the Main good and its sub-BOM materials (multilevel child items)

Eg. Main product required BOM1 and BOM2. Next, with this module, it can display the required materials to assemble BOM1, such as required BOM3 and BOM4 to produce BOM1

Stock Assembly

Assemble finished goods according to BOM setting. This transaction will increase stock quantity of finished goods and at the same time decrease stock quantity of material items.



Item Batch No.

This module allows items to be controlled by batch numbers. Such as open balance quantity, purchase, selling, generate report using the item’s batch numbers.

Landing cost

To be distributed and added onto item cost during purchases. Landing cost will be distributed among transacted items according to the ratio of each item row’s subtotal, total weight or item volume. The constant weight and volume of item can be modified too.


Advanced Item

Maintain stock item analysis code for the purpose of report filtering (class, category, brand).

Advanced Multi-UOM

Stock items with multiple unit of measurement, UOM auto conversion, and multiple UOM reports.