Sales Order Workflow


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  • Initiation of a Sales Order: The formal request by a customer to purchase goods or services, triggering the sales process.
  • Utilization of CRM (Clock In): The point where sales representatives log their activities, marking the beginning of the customer engagement and tracking process.
  • Conducting a Stock Inquiry: A systematic check to ensure inventory availability aligns with the sales order demands.
  • Creation of a Quotation: The formal offer outlining the price and terms of sale for the requested goods or services, pending customer acceptance.
  • Processing of the Sales Collection: The crucial step where sales revenue is collected and recorded, finalizing the transaction.
  • Execution of CRM (Clock Out): Representatives conclude their daily sales activities, signaling the end of individual customer engagements.
  • Compilation of an Analyzing Report: A detailed report is generated to examine sales processes, customer interactions, and overall performance metrics.
  • Seamless Integration with leading accounting software, including Autocount Accounting, SQL Accounting, and EMAS Accounting, ensuring financial data from sales is accurately captured and reflected in financial reporting.

Sales Order Isometric Infographics Layout

Embark on the sales journey with the initiation of a Sales Order, the pivotal first step where customer purchases begin to take shape. As representatives Clock In, their engagement in the sales cycle is tracked, marking the start of a productive day. A Stock Inquiry follows, a critical checkpoint to ensure that what’s promised can be delivered. The Quotation comes next, a crafted commitment that outlines the deal for the customer. With the deal in sight, the Sales Collection phase secures the transaction, turning quotes into cash. Finally, sales activities round off as representatives Clock Out, while the Analyzing Report offers a lens into the day’s achievements and areas for growth, closing the loop on a focused and efficient sales process.