Expand Your Business and Streamline Your  E-Commerce Operation with AutoCount

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Expand Your Business and Streamline Your E-Commerce Operation With AutoCount

Warehouse Solution

Stock Take and Warehouse Management

Our Stock Take Module and Warehouse Management System are designed to streamline warehouse tasks by synchronizing stock information onto tablets or handheld devices. This enables warehouse staff to retrieve information effortlessly using barcode scanners and input the counted quantities for each item with ease. You can easily manage Stock Take, Stock Transfer, Goods Received, and Delivery Orders on the device. This system also supports multi-location management, providing you with flexibility and efficiency in inventory management.

Plug-in & Add-On Modules

Boost Your Business Efficiency

We provide a range of ready-made plugins and add-on modules to enhance your business efficiency:

  • Inter-company billing
  • Consolidated financial reports
  • Fixed asset management
  • Integration with local banks’ electronic payments
  • Mobile Sales Management
  • More plugins and add-on modules are available for your selection.
E-Commerce Solution

Sync with E-Commerce Stores

Perfect for E-Commerce businesses, our solution synchronizes your sales data from platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, and WooCommerce to AutoCount. The system automatically reconciles payments, eliminating the need for manual recording and saving you valuable time.

Customization Services

Report and Plugin Customization, Integration

We offer AutoCount customization services, tailoring reports and plugins to match your business needs perfectly. Our integration services seamlessly connect AutoCount with your existing systems.

Warehouse Solution

Stock Take and Warehouse Management

Our Stock Take Module and Warehouse Management System are designed to streamline warehouse tasks by synchronizing stock information to tablets or handheld devices. This allows users to retrieve information using barcode scanners and easily input quantities for each item. You can effortlessly handle Stock Take, Stock Transfer, Goods Received, Delivery Orders, and more. Our system supports Multi-Location management.

Deposit Feature

Collecting Deposits From Customers

For sales that require collecting deposits from customers, you can create sales documents and offset them with deposits. Once the customer makes the balance payment, you can quickly locate the related transaction and offset the remaining payment.

Credit Sales

Sales on Credit and Payment

For customers who don’t pay immediately and settle their bills at a later time based on credit terms, our AutoCount POS Credit Sales feature allows you to complete the sale first and apply the payment once it’s received.

Weighing / Price Checker

Integrated with Weighing and Price Checker Machines

Our system comes with seamless integration with Weighing Machines. You can set up prices per unit measurement in AutoCount POS and send these prices directly to the Weighing Machine. Additionally, we offer ready-made integration with Price Checker Machines, enabling customers to scan and check product details and pricing.

Item Batch / Serial Number

Controlling Stock with Item Batches                or Serial Numbers

Ideal for businesses that need to track item batches and serial numbers. You can monitor manufacturing dates, expiry dates, and more using our module add-on. Furthermore, you can easily manage your inventory on hand with the Item Batches or Serial Numbers feature.

eDashboard App

Cloud-Based Sales Reporting

The AutoCount POS e-Dashboard app presents retail or F&B sales metrics in a user-friendly format. It’s a unique cloud-based mobile sales app that allows you to track and monitor outlet sales performance from anywhere, at any time of the day. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, supporting AutoCount POS 5.0.

Beyond the Ordinary Omnichannel Sales Platform

Stay up-to-date with consumption tax requirements effortlessly. Seamlessly integrated with AutoCount Cloud Accounting for enhanced support. Streamline and control your accounting system posting process efficiently. Unlock the full potential of Marketplace Solution + POS + Purchase/Sales Modules with seamless AutoCount Cloud Accounting integration.

OneSales POS + Inventory Control: Where Chemistry Happens

Witness the remarkable synergy of your sales and inventory management, igniting endless possibilities.

Unify Your Data Analysis with ONE Platform

Experience the power of a centralized cloud platform that seamlessly merges online marketplace orders, POS sales data, and accounting transactions. Gain insights into accurate item profit and loss, all conveniently consolidated under a single platform for comprehensive sales data analysis.

Multi-dimensional Insights, Dynamic Views

Uncover data insights swiftly through pivot presentations. Charts and graphs simplify your analysis, or effortlessly export to Excel for in-depth examination. Easily monitor performance based on product, profit, channel, and more. Enable intelligent forecasting and sales planning, responding to customer demand and optimizing inventory. Gain a quick snapshot of business performance through intuitive charts and graphs.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Unlimited Accessibility, Unlimited Business Potential

As long as you have internet access, AutoCount Cloud Accounting is always at your service. All you need is a device – whether it’s a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Low Initial Cost

Save Big on Server and Storage Hardware

Imagine the savings you can enjoy by eliminating the need for expensive hardware, storage, and security facilities.


Automatically Updated Software

Our software updates automatically, eliminating the hassle of downloading and installing updates or new versions. You’ll always have access to the latest version and features as soon as they’re available.

Collaborative Access

Streamlined Management for Multiple Users

Collaborating on tasks and responsibilities among users from different locations and levels becomes effortless. All inputs, billings, postings, and reports are instantly completed and accessible based on access rights settings.

Secured Database

Your Data is Automatically Backed Up and Protected

We value security as much as you do. Your accounts and records are securely backed up and protected in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

Accounting Modules

Statutory Compliance Payroll

Aligned with the latest statutory regulations of PCB, EPF, SOCSO, EIS, and HRDF. Complete with necessary forms, submissions, statements, listings, and reports.


Leave Management

Our flexible leave management system empowers your organization to effectively apply leave policies, reduce leave administration costs, and ensure a more productive workforce. Staff can request leave, view their leave history and balances. HR can access staff leave transactions, balances, and approve or reject leave requests.


Claims Management

eClaims offers automated processes for claims management, reducing your effort in claims processing and providing a paperless environment for managing employee claims. Staff can submit claims, view claims history, and balances. HR can review, approve, or reject staff claims.


Manage Attendance and Shift Schedule

• Flexible Shift Time Setup

• Various Clocking Options (Geo location, Wifi, Bluetooth)

• Clock in with Face Recognition

• Attendance Summary

• Attendance Map

• Clocking Report Transfer to Payroll

Mobile Apps

Ready for On-the-Go

Access essential features on your smartphones, including leave/claim applications, status checks, and approval processes. Mobile apps also include a payslip feature for staff to view their payslips and Time-Attendance for staff to clock in and out with photo capture.

Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance Payroll

In compliance with the latest statutory regulations of PCB, EPF, SOCSO, EIS, and HRDF. Complete with required forms, submissions, statements, listings, and reports.


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Presoft provide full comprehensive especially on customization , tailored made to fit our requirements.

Autocount POS System

Director, Ms Wong Mei yee / Eye Vision Lab Sdn Bhd

Presoft not only provide accounting software, they also provide customisation on the reporting based on business needs. Besides, their service is very fast and also the staff are friendly and helpful.

Autocount accounting & Payroll

Sole Prop, Ms Wong / Orbital Enterprise

We have been using Accounting and Inventory proceeding from Presoft since year 2005. In this fifteen (15) years we are very satisfied for the good and responsibilities service from Presoft.

Autocount accounting & Payroll

Manager, Y.C. KAM / Nam Fong Stainless Steel Eng. Sdn Bhd


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