We are providing online backup to offsite data centers to manage backup data. The managed service is for companies that needs a highly reliable and secure backup structure like databases or unstructured like files storage.

We do monitoring on your daily backups. If server fails to back up properly. Email notification will alert you in order for support personnel to troubleshoot the problem.

Presoft Backup Solution

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Why Business Should Backup Monitoring and Data Protection ?

Corporate data breaches and security attacks are quite common factors in the IT industry. No matter whether you run a small, medium or a large enterprise, data loss or security attack is a huge threat to each and every organization Data serves as documentation for operations, the basis for business processes, and the personalization of customer communication.

Source : Author’s estimates based on data from Safeware, Th Insurance Agency, Inc., “2000 safeware Loss Study, “2001”; and ONTRACK Data International, Inc.,”Understanding Data Loss,”2003.

Data is taking part of business intelligence or sensitive customer data, or to meet compliance requirements. One of the main reasons that data loss would affect a business revenue is the amount of time needed to recover the data, if at all it is retrievable, causing lots of downtime, which could even take months to recover. It can be costly for your business to weed out and repair damaged files.

Data losses have significant consequences and can lead to large-scale interruptions for your business operations. Work may sometimes be redone, which can subsequently prevent deadlines from being met.

Many ways of ransomware can infect systems including email, attachments, third-party software. Once infected an endpoint, it can spread to any backup held on devices, computers on network and mapped network drives. It is important to have offsite data centres to manage important backup data.

All computer users are familiar with the problem of lost data which might be caused by hardware failure or human errors. Sometimes the nature of lost data is critical, and the cost of lost data is substantial. As reliance on information and data as economic drivers for businesses continues to increase, owners and managers are subject to new risks.