🔈Presoft’s Announcement: Get Limited Time Offer on Cloud Payroll Express Plan!


🔈Presoft Announcement: Upgrade to AutoCount Cloud Payroll Express for Streamline Payroll Management and Maximize Efficiency🙌🎉 


Trade-in your existing payroll software to get AutoCount Cloud Payroll Express Plan at just RM299*, only from 1st July to 31st August 2023! You will be rewarded with free unlimited online training that is worth RM300 and manage unlimited companies with a total of 30 employees. 

4️⃣ biggest reasons to use Express Plan 

  • Always updated on government regulations & complaint with LHDN
  • Save your time with multi payroll process & email payslips in batch by schedule
  • Safer to make EPF/SOCSO/EIS/LHDN and salary payments via online bank Giro
  • Integration with AutoCount Accounting and Cloud Accounting makes accounting more accurate


*for new AutoCount Cloud Payroll subscription only 

*price is for the first year of subscription 

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🔈Presoft 公告:升级至 AutoCount Cloud Payroll Express以优化工资管理,提升效率🙌🎉 


超值换购计划!只需RM299*,就能以现有的薪资软件换取AutoCount Cloud Payroll Express Plan,仅限2023年7月1日至8月31日。现在购买还可获得总价值RM300的免费线上培训课 (无限制复课)。同时你也能无上限增加公司到系统内管理,轻松处理高达30名员工的薪资。 

4️⃣ 个主要原因让您爱上Express Plan 

  • 更合法 – 时刻更新政府法规,遵守LHDN要求
  • 更省时 – 多重薪资处理,按计划批量发送薪资单邮件
  • 更安全 – 通过在线银行Giro进行EPF/SOCSO/EIS/LHDN和薪资支付
  • 更准确- 与AutoCount Accounting和Cloud Accounting整合,使财务更加准确


*仅限AutoCount Cloud Payroll新用户 


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