Business Upgrade with Presoft

Dear Presoft’s customer,
Due to requirement of PDPA Malaysia, AutoCount license server will be migrated from Microsoft Azure locate in Singapore to Alibaba Cloud locate in Malaysia.
A version update is required to at least Accounting 2.0.27 (Rev 188), Server 2.0.5 (Rev 135) and POS & FnB (Revision 176) before 31 March 2022.
⚠️Please take note that, it will be unable to retrieve valid license if without update to latest version and beware if got any plugin or customize before update⚠️.
2022年3月31日之前,至少需要对Accounting 2.0.27 (Rev 188), Server 2.0.5 (Rev 135) 和 POS & FnB (Revision 176) 进行版本更新。
⚠️请注意,如果没有更新到最新版本将无法检索到有效的许可证, 并且需注意在更新之前是否有任何插件或自定义️⚠️。
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales channel representative should you need further clarifications. 如果您需要进一步的说明,请不要犹豫,与我们的销售代表联系。
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