Most Powerful Features for AutoCount Cloud Payroll

Do you often face the following questions?
– Steps to apply leave are too complicated
– Too many procedures for expense reimbursement
– Come to the office every day to clock in
Why not change the management method? AutoCount Cloud Payroll provide E-Claim, E-Leave, and multiple advanced clocking methods. It makes the application process simple and can accurately know the working hours of employees.
– 申请假期的步骤太复杂
– 费用报销有太多的程序
– 每天需要到公司才能打卡
为什么不改变管理方式呢?AutoCount Cloud Payroll提供电子费用报销, 电子请假系统和多种先进的打卡方法。它让申请程序变得简单,也能准确知道员工的上下班时间。
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