Member Point in POS System

[Whatever You’re Into, Get Into Member Point]

Member point in AutoCount POS System, a card reader hardware with the member card which can collaborate with the AutoCount POS System to create a membership for your customers in your business.

You can create a membership or check for the member point for your customer by a simple swipe card action to this lightweight card reader with the AutoCount POS System.

 ​​​🔥 ​​​How this product brings benefits to your business?
✅ Lightweight and portable
✅ User friendly
✅ Attracting customers come again
✅ Expand your business

🔥 How can this product do?
✅ Collect member point for future use
✅ Redeem item by using member point
✅ Purchase by using member point

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AutoCount POS System中的会员积分,这是由会员卡和读卡器并与AutoCount POS System一起使用来为您的客户创建会员资格。


🔥 该产品如何为您的业务带来好处?
✅ 轻巧便携
✅ 容易使用
✅ 吸引客户再次光临
✅ 拓展您的业务

🔥 这个产品能做什么
✅ 收集会员积分
✅ 使用会员积分来兑换物品
✅ 使用会员积分进行购买

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