SOCSO Maximize Monthly Salary Ceiling Limit

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Starting from 1st September 2022, the Social Security Organization (SOCSO) has implemented a highly impactful change in its policy, effectively raising the maximum monthly salary ceiling limit for contributions. This significant modification comes as a boon for employees and employers alike, as it sets a new threshold for contributions, bringing it from RM4,000 to RM5,000.

This commendable decision by SOCSO promises to have far-reaching benefits for the workforce and the social security system as a whole. By increasing the maximum monthly salary ceiling, more individuals will now be eligible for comprehensive coverage, ensuring enhanced protection for employees and their families during times of unforeseen contingencies.

As we witness this constructive change take effect, it is crucial for all stakeholders, including employees, employers, and human resource professionals, to stay well-informed about the new contribution structure. By understanding the implications and benefits of this updated policy, individuals can make well-informed financial decisions, while companies can efficiently manage their payroll processes and compliance with the revised regulations.

In conclusion, the decision by SOCSO to increase the maximum monthly salary ceiling limit from RM4,000 to RM5,000 reflects a progressive approach towards bolstering social security and safeguarding the welfare of the workforce. This timely initiative reaffirms the commitment to support employees in their journey towards financial security, ultimately contributing to a stronger and more resilient economy.



自 2022 年 9 月 1 日起,社会保障组织 (SOCSO) 实施了一项影响深远的政策变更,有效提高了缴费的最高月薪上限。这项重大修改对雇员和雇主来说都是福音,因为它设定了新的缴款门槛,从 4,000 令吉提高到 5,000 令吉。
SOCSO 这一值得赞扬的决定有望为劳动力和整个社会保障体系带来深远的好处。通过提高每月最高工资上限,更多的人将有资格获得全面保险,确保在发生不可预见的突发事件时为员工及其家人提供更好的保护。
总而言之,SOCSO 将每月最高工资上限从 4,000 令吉提高至 5,000 令吉的决定反映了加强社会保障和保障劳动力福利的渐进方法。这一及时的举措重申了支持员工实现财务安全的承诺,最终为更强大、更具弹性的经济做出贡献。

To download the latest contribution table, please click at the link below: 欲下载最新的贡献表,请点击以下链接:

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